Remote jobs is when you do not need to go to the office every day to fulfill your duties.
On a remote jobs, an employee works in the company’s staff under an employment contract. He takes a certain position, receives a salary and reports to the employer - all this is called labor relations.
By law, remote work is called remote work and is regulated by law.
If you do not have a permanent employer, you are a freelancer, and your type of employment is called freelance. There are no such concepts in the legislation, but they are widespread among remote workers.
Remote work and freelance are not the same thing.

Jobs remotely

American Physical Society - APS
Editorial Operations Assistant
4 minutes ago  • 38,449.00/USD Annually
BMTX - BM Technologies
Data Entry Specialist
4 minutes ago  • 16.00/USD Hourly
Boston Scientific
Senior Specialist, Internal and Change Communications
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Corporate Paralegal
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Solen Software Group
Accounting Clerk
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Mometrix Test Preparation
CRNA Test Prep Writer
4 minutes ago  • 20.00/USD Hourly
World Resources Institute - WRI
4 minutes ago  • 69,000.00/USD Annually
Empowerly, Inc.
Essay Editor
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Lead UX Designer
4 minutes ago  • 100,000.00/USD Annually
TCS Education System
Executive Assistant
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Enterprise Account Executive
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
SMB Team
Legal Marketing Partnership Manager
4 minutes ago  • 80,000.00/USD Annually
Social Media Assistant Manager
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Engineering Manager, Code Security Analysis
4 minutes ago  • 220,000.00/USD Annually
AI Tutor, Hindi
4 minutes ago  • 30.00/USD Hourly
Fello Real Estate
QA Engineer
4 minutes ago  • 0.00/
Flock Safety
Senior Salesforce QA Engineer
4 minutes ago  • 100,000.00/USD Annually
Xapo Bank
Senior Software Engineer - FCP
9 minutes ago  • 0.00/
CX Associate
9 minutes ago  • 18.00/USD Hourly
Charlie Health
HR Compliance Specialist
9 minutes ago  • 0.00/